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Welcome to Black Rainbow Productions. We are a video and film production company located in Berlin, Germany.

Contact us for work inquiries or collaboration offers: info@blackrainbowprod.de

Some examples of our work:

KARLOFF – The Hammer // Filmed live in Berlin in Mai 2023.

SUNSHINE & LOLLIPOPS – Of Vanishing & Vanity // Conceptual video filmed on Darß Island, Baltic Sea.

PHASENMENSCH and ANTOINE-SAINT MARTIN – Decades of Journals // Conceptual video filmed in Berlin at different locations.

MESSA – Suspended // Filmed live at Jugendkirche Braunschweig in 2022.

MINUIT MACHINE – So Hard // Filmed live at Urban Spree in Berlin, November 2022.

BERLIN DISKRET – Gott der Strasse // Filmed live at Astra Berlin in October 2021.

WOLF CITY TELEVISION – Feature with SAVAGE MASTER and DUNGEON, Liveclips and Interviews.